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This form expects to be an easy and simple way to prepare your application, allowing you to introduce progressively the details and information required.
You must start creating your application form by setting your USER and your PASSWORD. From the beginning, you have to choose the type of scholarship for which you want to receive the support of the Programme. Please don’t forget the access data as you will need to use them in case you are selected.

The Application Form can be filled in English or Portuguese. However, the language used to fill in the application form must agree with the institution(s) and programme(s) chosen.

Before starting to fill in the Application Form, you must be sure of having all the certificates and language skills required to attend the sought programme(s) and the institution(s).

We also strongly advise you to read the Guidelines for Applicants before starting.

If an applicant submits more than one application, the system will automatically consider only the most recent one.


If you prefer, you may first fill in the application form in the Word document available in this page, so that you don’t need to use an Internet connection for a long time. However, please take into consideration that you will afterwards need to paste the information to the online application form and submit it in the website within the deadline.

Applications sent by e-mail or post will not be accepted.

Application - Word version (.doc)


Who can apply?


General criteria for all types of mobility:


This project only concerns Brazilian applicants:

  • Must be a national of Brazil
  • Must have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the languages currently spoken in the hosting countries.
  • Must have NOT benefited from a previous scholarship for the same type of mobility under a project under the EMA2-STRAND1.

In order to be eligible, the study period abroad must be considered as an integral part of the study programme at home university and must not lead to any extension of the normal period of the curriculum at the home institution. An exchange mobility occurring after the obtaining of the diploma is not eligible. The student must be registered at his home university during all the period of exchange mobility. The credits obtained during the exchange mobility are recognized by the home HEI as a part of the student’s curriculum.


Specific criteria for each type of mobility:

  • Undergraduate students
    They must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution.
  • Doctorate (mobility) students
    They must be enrolled in a doctorate programme in a Brazilian Higher Education Institution.
  • Doctorate (co-thesis) students
    They must have at least successfully completed their bachelor course or preferably master course, and should be registered at a Brazilian Institution.
  • Post-Doctorates
    They must be experienced researchers in possession of a doctoral degree or who have at least three years of full-time equivalent research experience, including the period of research training, at a research organisation established in accordance with national legislation and practice after obtaining the degree which formally allowed him/her to embark on a doctoral programme.
  • Academic and Administrative staff
    They must work for full time in a Brazilian Higher Education Institution.

It is noteworthy to mention that in addition to these criteria there may be other defined internally by each partner institution of the project, so applicants must make sure to ask the contact person of the institution about the specific eligibility criteria established either in their home institution (if applicable) or in the host institution(s) which they intend to apply to.


Definition of Target Group

Depending on their characteristics, all applicants fit in one of the two Target Groups established by the European Commission Programme. Each of the Target Groups has different types of mobility scholarship available.



  • Nationals of Brazil who are registered/work in one of the Brazilian HEIs that is a member of the partnership.



  • Nationals of Brazil, who:
    • Are registered/work in a higher education institution in Brazil that is not included in the partnership (students and staff);
    • Have obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of Brazil (students only)